New Digs for the Otters!

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Our otter exhibit has just undergone a fantastic new renovation, and the otters are loving it! They like it so much, they simply won’t stop moving! Those little brown blurs you see are the girls exploring and romping around in their new digs. Come up and visit during regular hours, Thursdays through Sundays, and see it for yourself!SDC14952 SDC14953 SDC14954 SDC14957 SDC14958 SDC14959 SDC14962 SDC14964 SDC14966 SDC14969 SDC14973 SDC14976 SDC14978 SDC14982 SDC14984

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      Bambi Godkin

      Oh, yes! Unfortunately, the otters will rip out anything you plant in the exhibit! They are like little tornadoes!

    1. Katie McKernan

      Tim – Zoo Do tickets are $50 each and include admission, food, two drink tickets, a Kleen Kanteen 16 oz tumbler and a 4 oz wine glass as well as music, Zoo Choo rides and the opportunity to bid on some awesome Silent Auction items. Hope you can join us. Thanks.

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