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Mill Mountain Zoo needs you! During this Covid-19 crisis, Mill Mountain Zoo has been forced to temporarily close. We need your help to make sure this temporary closure doesn’t become a permanent one. It costs $2500 per day to run the zoo, and we are closing to the public during what is normally our busiest season for outreach and field trips. The revenue we are losing from that alone is making operations difficult. Compound that with lost revenue from having no admissions, events or programs, and the future is uncertain. To survive this, we desperately need your help. Imagine if each of the 14,792 people who follow us on Facebook were to give $10. We could raise $147,920!

Mill Mountain Zoo is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and has been a beloved local attraction for 68 years. We are dedicated to promoting an appreciation and understanding of animal and habitat preservation through the use of quality exhibits, educational programs, and partnerships with other conservation programs. The Zoo’s 68 years of success are a testimony to the dedication of many individuals whom have shared their talent, resources, and hard work to advance the organization and its mission. Please help us make it through this crisis so we can continue to care for the animals, educate you and your children and promote conservation for another 68 years!

There is no zoo without you!


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