Kitten Chronicles: The Terrible “T”‘s

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Not the kittens themselves, but the past few days.  First, on Friday, all of the kittens seemed reluctant to eat.  A quick nip by the female informed me why, their teeth were coming in.  Kittens go through this uncomfortable process twice.  First the deciduous teeth, or milk teeth, erupt.  Then, a couple of months later, those will be replaced by their permanent teeth.  By Sunday morning they were all eating normally, sort of.  They went from suckling to chewing.  It is now time to start the weaning process to solid foods.  The second “T” was tummy troubles with the kitten marked with red.  Fortunately it is treatable and he is receiving medication to help.  The third and final “T” is travel.  I headed to Kentucky to pick up a new otter for the zoo from the Newport Aquarium.  It is the first time in over 25 days that I have not had the kittens as my main focus.  It’s oddly unsettling.  I know keeper Christyne is taking great care of them, but I feel anxious just the same.  I’ll be grateful for the sleep tonight but look forward to getting back to the routine of care tomorrow. -Robin Lentz

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