Mill Mountain Zoo Gains ZAA ACCREDITATION

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Mill Mountain Zoo is pleased to announce that it has earned its accreditation from the Zoological Association of America (ZAA)on March 6th 2019.

ZAA accreditation is a multi-phase process and establishes an extremely high bar with respect to professional standards and best management practices.  The accreditation process may take up to one year to complete with re accreditation required every five years.   ZAA accredited zoos are required to go through an in-depth application and review process, which includes on-site inspections by a team of experts from around the country. Animal care and husbandry, vet care, nutrition, enrichment, security and safety, facility aesthetics and maintenance, record keeping, and a thorough review of policies, procedures, and protocols are reviewed during the accreditation process.

As a result, ZAA accredited members are among the finest facilities in the United States, with a safety record that is the best of any of the major zoological trade associations.

ZAA is proud to welcome Mill Mountain Zoo as a partner and member of the association.

For more information about the ZAA and the accreditation process, visit

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