Zoo to Reopen on the 10th!

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Mill Mountain Zoo Reopening

Mill Mountain Zoo is pleased to announce it will be reopening to the public on June 10, 2020. As we reopen, our priority will be to establish the policies and procedures that comply with the appropriate guidelines for reopening as have been specified by the Virginia Department of Health. Accordingly, we are implementing the following:

  • Admissions will be limited to 50 people each hour. To ensure availability, we encourage people to purchase their tickets online by visiting our website (mmzoo.org) and clicking on the “Book Your Visit” tab at the lower right side of the page.
  • We have added 6 feet markers in front of the admissions window to help guests maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • The Reptile House exhibit and gift shop will remain closed through Phase 2.
  • Staff will be required to wear masks on grounds.

We would additionally like to request the following of our visitors to maintain compliance with the VDH guidelines:

  • Please follow all posted signs and directions.
  • If you have a fever, difficulty breathing, or any symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical attention and plan to visit us another time. Additionally, if you have been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19, please wait at least 14 days before visiting us.
  • Please wear a mask while visiting the Zoo. Not only does this help to protect other visitors and staff, it also helps to protect animals like Bali, the snow leopard, who are susceptible to the virus.
  • Please maintain an appropriate distance between your group and people outside of your group.

During this crisis, we at Mill Mountain Zoo have been able to see first-hand just how compassionate and supportive our community is. It is our belief that cooperating with these steps will help lead to fast progression over to a Phase 3 reopening.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you!

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  1. ChiChi Ugochukwu

    Hello! I am excited to see that the zoo is reopening and wanted to ask whether internship and/or volunteer opportunities will become available as well. Is there a possibility for positions to open up for the remainder of the summer?

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      Bambi Godkin

      We’re still figuring out what the volunteer and internship programs will look like this summer, but you are welcome to submit application materials for one or both.

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      Bambi Godkin

      No, we don’t have a date in place yet. There is still work being done on the tracks that must be completed before we can have it inspected for its annual amusement permit.

  2. Bob Rimkis

    will there be any extension allowed on yearly passes due to the closure of the facility by mandate? we only got to visit once

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  3. Kathryn Villarreal

    We bought a membership for your son and his family. They have yet to use it. Will an extension be added to their membership?

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