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The Mill Mountain Zoo offers many fun and educational opportunities that can be brought to you! If your school or organization cannot visit the Zoo, we can visit you!

Our outreach programs are aligned with academic standards. These programs are available to schools and homeschoolers, as well as retirement homes, libraries, churches, and more! We can bring wildlife, fun, and an in-depth learning experience right to your school or business!

One of our experienced education specialists will be prepared to lead an interactive program with live animals right in the convenience and comfort of your organization!

Outreaches are priced depending on your location.  If you are within Roanoke City, the program will be $150, outside of the city, it is $175. To add extra time to your program, there will be a $75 fee per hour added.

Please fill out the registration form and email the completed form to the Mill Mountain Zoo Education Department. We will contact you after it has been received to work out the dates and times for scheduling.

Animal Encounters Outreach Program

Our Animal Encounters Outreach Program includes encounters with 4 of our animal ambassadors
during a 45-60 minute program at a location of your convenience.

This program focuses on educating the public on our specific ambassador species as well as species
like them. Our outreach program brings the wild to you, offering a unique opportunity to meet
fascinating critters up close and personal. From slithering snakes to fluffy chinchillas,
we've got a whole menagerie of creatures just waiting to steal your heart. But wait, there's more!
This isn't just your average meet-and-greet. Our expert animal educators will tell you all about animal
antics, sharing fun facts, and quirky behaviors that will leave you laughing and learning at the same time.

Ever wonder why Box Turtles have "box" in their name? Curious about how snakes eat? Well wonder no more!
Our team of wildlife educators is here to spill the beans on all of nature's best-kept secrets.

This program can be adjusted for all ages and is an amazing way for those either just starting to love
wildlife, or for seasoned animal lovers, to have a hands-on experience with some of our animals
during their normal day-to-day activities.

Wildlife conservation Outreach Program

Our Wildlife Conservation Outreach Program includes encounters with 4 of our animal ambassadors
that are on the 'Red List' for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
These ambassadors serve as living examples of the urgent need for wildlife conservation and the
importance of protecting biodiversity. The program will last 45-60 minutes at a location of your convenience.

As you interact with our animal ambassadors, our knowledgeable educators will guide you through
their stories, highlighting the challenges they face in the wild and conservation efforts underway to
save them from extinction. From the softest chinchilla to the loudest macaw, you'll learn about the
unique characteristics and the critical role they play in their ecosystems.

We will also dive into the significance of the IUCN Red List and how scientists use it to assess the
conservation status of species worldwide. You'll discover how animals are categorized based on factors
like population size, habitat loss, and threats from human activities, providing valuable insights on how
anyone can help these species from becoming extinct.

So join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of wildlife conservation. This program can be
adjusted for all ages and is a great way to have a hands-on experience with some of our most threatened
animals. Together, let's raise awareness, inspire action, and protect the precious animals that share
our planet. It's time to make a difference for wildlife, one encounter at a time.

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