Owner Relinquished

What does it mean?

Animals in our exhibit that have been owner relinquished have been brought to us because a person either does not have the time, equipment, space, or ability to properly care for the animal.

Owner Relinquished


There are times we all wish we could own a rare and special animals. However, not all of these animals are meant to be raised and live in a domestic environment. Their care and needs are higher than the owner initially thought they could handle. When this is the case, there are times we have been able to accept the animal into our zoo. These animals have been domesticated and cannot thrive in the wild. These animals are then used to teach the community more about the species, their habitat and the importance they bring to our ecosystem.

The red-eared slider is native to the Southern United States and northern Mexico, but has become established in other places because of pet releases, and has become invasive in many areas where it outcompetes native species.

Bumblebee dart frogs are yellow, gold or orange with black or brown patches. They have adhesive pads on their toes which help them to climb and they have a sticky tongue which they use to catch prey.

The Black and White Argentine Tegu is the largest species of tegus. These tegus are known for their distinctive black and white coloration, with a pattern of black bands or stripes across their bodies.  Male tegus have bigger jowls ("chubby cheeks") than females which can be used to attract mates. Tegus also have a forked tongue that helps them pick up scent particles in multiple directions in order to better identify their surroundings and the directionality of what they are smelling. They are terrestrial reptiles, spending a lot of their time on the ground and are known to be proficient diggers.

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