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Mill Mountain Zoo is a refuge to animals that are critically endangered, vulnerable, or otherwise non-releasable due to injury or captive birth. Not only do we protect and preserve the health and viability of these vulnerable animals in our guardianship. MMZoo is the region's leader in wildlife conservation. Additionally, we participate in research and species survival programs.

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Breakfast With The Animals - Om-nom with the Omnivores
From bears to ducks and beyond, our omnivorous friends boast a diverse diet that mirrors our own, making them endlessly intriguing subjects for discussion. Join us for Om-nom with the Omnivores to learn more about these creatures that are seemingly just like us!
Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Birds
Join us to learn all about our feathered friends! Take a hike around Mill Mountain and learn about our native birds in the area.
Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Mammals
Head out on Mill Mountain with us to find all of our native furry friends. Learn about the mammals you see everyday and maybe even some you have never seen before!

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The Latest News:
April 18, 2024

Mill Mountain Zoo excitedly welcomes our new Wallaby residents! Hop on down to see our newest (and some would say cutest!) residents here at the Zoo!

In The Media:
July 9, 2024
Mill Mountain Zoo rolls out summer programs

Zoo educators Kiana Nowall and Katie Harlow talked about Summer Camps, Breakfast with the Animals, and New Zoo Choo shirts!

Press Release:
June 15, 2024
If I Could Talk to the Animals! Mill Mountain Zoo Invites You to their Inaugural Dr. Zoolittle Day!

Roanoke, VA – Have you ever wanted to be a veterinarian? Do you want to learn more about animals and how to take care of them? Get ready for an adventure in animal care and veterinary fun at Mill Mountain Zoo’s first ever Dr. Zoolittle Day! This Satu

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