Roanoke Women's Foundation Grant


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Robin Lentz, Co-Director
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Press Release – November 3, 2017

Roanoke Women’s Foundation Grant

We are proud to announce that the Roanoke Women’s Foundation has provided the Zoo with a $46,800 grant to renovate exhibits and expand our education program.  The Zoo has been serving the Roanoke region for 65 years and its new strategic plan and funding model is focused on new exhibits and attractions with species native to the Blue Ridge.

This capital investment is in support of the need to address an aging infrastructure and the need for sustainability in order to increase attendance at our facility.

Immediate priorities for the Zoo include the renovation of the Bald eagle and Snow leopard exhibits as part of our expanded education program.  The Zoo hosts 160 animals and currently attracts 50,000 regional and out of state visitors every year.  It also serves an additional 15,000 school children each year on site and through outreach activities.

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